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Candover Clinic Basingstoke

Aldermaston Road, Basingstoke

Hampshire RG24 7AL

For appointments in Candover, Basingstoke please contact


07 496 496 573

Spire Southampton

Chalybeate Close, Southampton

Hampshire SO16 6UY

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OUR Services

I am an academic tertiary sub-specialist in paediatric gastroenterology experienced in treating children of all ages (birth to 18 years) with a wide range of mild to severe gastrointestinal conditions.  I not only give an expert opinion, manage and treat children's gut condition but also give an overview when there may be multi-system involvement in complex conditions. I am a specialist paediatric diagnostic and intereventional endoscopist (gastroscopies, enteroscopies and colonoscopies). I also offer String Test to children with EoE which is a novel new non-endoscopic method to monitor inflammation in the oesophagus.

I practice both at the Candover Clinic Basingstoke & Spire Southampton.

What conditions/SYMPTOMS do I diagnose and manage in my clinic ?

I broadly classify paediatric bowel conditions into 4 categories

a) Inflammatory bowel conditions including Allergies, Eosinophilic gut disorders, Inflammatory bowel group of diseases and Coeliac disease 

b) Structural bowel issues, where bowel surgery may or may not have been done. I also include polyp conditions (genetic or otherwise) in this group

c) Functional bowel problems including refractory difficult to treat constipation, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and gastro-oesophageal reflux. 

d) When gut is involved with complex diagnoses and other conditions

I also have a special interest in children liver and pancreatic conditions

Children with any of the above conditions may present with symptoms of:

  1. Abdominal pains
  2. Constipation
  3. Reflux / vomiting
  4. Bloating
  5. Short and long-term diarrheoea

  6. Blood in stools



What tests are done at candover clinic & SPIRE SOUTHAMPTON ?


After the initial clinical assessment I sometimes do further tests to establish or confirm a diagnosis/reason for the symptoms.


These can range from blood tests to x rays, Ultrasounds and MRI scans to endoscopy depending on the possible underlying diagnosis in question.

Please remember that each test is a tool designed to answer a specific question and we choose a test best tailored to your child/teenagers needs. A rough comparative analogy is trying to hammer a nail with a screw driver rather than a hammer, an incorrect tool for the intended purpose.

We have an excellent paediatric phlebotomy service. 

Please visit 'PAEDIATRIC ENDOSCOPY' page for details about paediatric endoscopy by clicking the tab above

I WORK WITH Other specialists

A significant part of my practice is managing gastroenterology symptoms when linked with other conditions. This involves children with genetic, neurologic, respiratory, cardiac and many other conditions. In complex medical conditions I generally tend to work with paediatric colleagues and  specialists.

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