Assessment in the Clinic


What information do parents need to bring to the clinc ?


  1. If recurent clinical symptoms please bring a 2 week symptoms diary - I will analyse this and will be part of clinical assessment.

  2. If your child/teenager is on any medications please bring the names exact doses. A phone photograph of the medication bottles is absolutely fine. Please bring any growth records / red book with you

  3. Record of anything like feeding, rashes etc etc. Please do bring any and all pictures taken to the clinic

  4. Any babies/infants visiting my clinic should tell their parents to bring their milk bottles to the clinic I sometimes test feed for feeding assessment.


What conditions/SYMPTOMS do I diagnose and manage in my clinic ?


I am an academic tertiary sub-specialist in paediatric gastroenterology experienced in treating children of all ages (birth to 18 years) with a wide range of mild to severe gastrointestinal conditions. 


Some of the common conditions and symptoms seen in my clinic are:

  1. Abdominal pains

  2. Reflux / vomiting

  3. Bloating 

  4. Constipation

  5. Short and long-term diarrhea

  6. Possible Gut allergy

  7. Coeliac's disese

  8. Blood in stools

  9. Inflammatory bowel disease

  10. Various Infant bowel conditions



What tests are done in the clinic ?


After the initial clinical assessment I sometimes do further tests to establish or confirm a diagnosis/reason for the symptoms. These can range from blood tests to x rays to endoscopy depending on the possible underlying diagnosis in question. Please remember that each test is a tool designed to answer a specific question and we choose a test best tailored to your child/teenagers needs.

Blood tests can be done at Hampshire Clinic as we have a paediatric phlebotomy service. There is a par-excellence paediatric radiology service providing MRI CT x rays and scans.

Other specialists at Hampshire clinic

Not always, but gastroenterology diagnoses may be linked with other conditions. At Hampshire clinic I work with colleagues with expertise in

Paediatric GI dietetics

Paediatric Surgery

Paediatric Radiology

Paediatric ENT

Paediatric Physiotherapy