What is paediatric Endoscopy?

Paediatric Endoscopy

What is Endoscopy?


Endoscopy is a broad term for two procedures:


Gastroscopy or Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

The Gastroscope is passed into the back of the throat to investigate the oesophagus (food pipe), stomach and duodenum (1st part of small intestine)


Ileo-colonoscopy or Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

The Colonoscope is passed via the back passage looks into all of the large intestine and ileum (end part of small intestine). In the caecum the inside of the appendix can also be seen. The colon needs to be clear before the procedure. We use laxatives (bowel prep) one day before the procedure

Is paediatric endoscopy different from adult endoscopy?


Yes it is.


We need smaller endoscopes and technically smaller bowels are harder to endoscope


Children do not understand pain hence we do all procedures under general anaesthetic (not awake). This is also in keeping with national UK guidance for paediatric endoscopy

We need specialized anaesthetics experience in anaesthetizing children


How is paediatric endoscopy done at the Hampshire Clinic ?


I am an experienced Paediatric Endoscopist (diagnostic and thereapeutic) working in a Tertiary Paediatric Gastroenterology University Hospital Service and am the lead and trainer for paediatric endoscopy in Southampton. I am also the national Chair for the endoscopy working group BSPGHAN. I have endoscoped (diagnostic & interventional) all paediatric age ranges (premature babies to 18 years old teenagers)

Biopsies taken at endoscopy need to be interpreted by experienced paediatric histopathologists and we use the services of Unilabs® (Independent Histopathologists based in London). Children biopsies require special expertise for interpretation.

Your child will be our responsibility and care is offered by a very experienced paediatric team who ensure safe, satisfactory, comfortable and a pain free procedure. We do NOT use sedation

There is no overnight stay for the endoscopic procedures

What risks or complications may occur?


Fortunately, we have never seen any complications with any of the endoscopies at the Hampshire Clinic and we make every effort to ensure the endoscopy is safe. Still, every procedure has risks. The anaesthetic risks will be discussed by the anaesthetist on the day.


Bleeding may occur from a biopsy site but it usually stops and settles. In addition gastroscopy may result in perforation of the oesophagus or stomach but this is very rare. The risk is higher in case of an abnormal stricture or narrowing which needs stretching with a balloon. All possible interventional endoscopies, if planned or likely, will be discussed.


A colonoscopy may result in perforation of the colon but this is rare. The risk is higher if a polyp is removed.


The endoscopy may be incomplete if there is difficulty in passing the endoscope of a possible risk of perforation is perceived tude to presence of severe inflammation


Intestine lining under the microscope

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