We are now running a combination of telephone and face to face Outpatient Clinics. The face to face clinics are still restricted in numbers. All elective endoscopic procedures remain cancelled at this point.

As of now, all consultations are via telephone or online (video streaming).

Please do let us know your preference as either option is fine for us.

If you opt for a conference call/online consultation, you will need your ‘iphone’, ‘Android phone’, ‘any tablet’ ‘a PC laptop’ or a desktop (preferably Chrome browser).

For better quality online consultation, a ‘fast Wifi’ or ‘4G’ connection is recommended.

We need both your best email address and phone number for us to contact and initiate the conference call.

Some patients are being seen on a face to face appointment. Please let Ruth know your wishes and we will give you options and aim to accomodate.



For best and most upto date information please visit the GOV.UK and NHS links below

A lot of guidance has been issued on COVID19. However caution is needed in interpretation of these.

  1. First it is really important to look at the date of issuance. Older guidance is based on intelligent guess work by a panel of experts which was correct for the time and date it was issued. With more available information newer latest guidance is based on our experiences of the pandemic. Even information from May 2020 may not be applicable in July 2020.

  2. If you wish to find out more information I will recommend to focus on reports and information based on actual studies rather than 'expert views'.

The simplest option otherwise is to simply refer to the GOV.UK guidance which will be the latest and is regularly updated.




Although Coronavirus can affect all ages children and teens appear to be relatively spared. Mortality increases with age and other co-morbidities.

For a virus to cause damage, it needs to be able to bind to a cell and enter. The virus has a surface protein spike S mediating its entry into human cells. It uses the ACE2 as a receptor for entry. ACE2 receptors are present in lungs (type II pneumocytes) and intestines (enterocytes), hence infection at these two prime sites.

The virus needs enzymes (proteolytic systems) for the processing of protein S (spike) and gaining entry. TMPRSS2 and Cathepsin inside a cell help these mechanisms.

We believe these systems are different in children hence the coronavirus doesn’t affect children and teens as much as it affects the elderly.


  • Please follow the PM and latest advice and guidance - these continue to change and are regularly updated - what applied 2 weeks ago doesnt apply now 

  • Please see the wonderful WHO and FIFA message on five steps to kicking out coronavirus